Karen and the Warthogs, November 2022

My Birthday 7th Oct.

Published : 24 Nov, 2022

Karen Paolillo only gives supplementary feeding to wild animals that come to Turgwe Hippo Trust headquarters for sanctuary. Over the years many warthogs have been poached but by coming to Hippo Haven they have a safe place to visit, and they tend to stay in burrows close by, so it is easier to keep an eye out for poachers. From one warthog way back, there are 28 now who visit, 18 of them come along regularly. Now all the mothers are pregnant and this is fantastic as there are now lots of warthogs living wild in the bush. The headquarters is a sanctuary for any animal that wants to come along. This includes baboons, vervet monkeys, kudu, bush pigs and a hippo called Steve.





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  1. Susan Monteiro

    It really made me smile seeing Bubba Girl enjoying her belly rub! Thanks for sharing, Karen.


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