Hippo Presentation at the Ondaatje Theatre in London

Published : 26 Apr, 2023

Karen Paolillo Founder of Turgwe Hippo Trust will be giving a hippo presentation at the Ondaatje theatre in London, at the Royal Geographical Society, on 26th September.

Here is the programme for the event.

You can download the full programme as a PDF file, click here to display the pdf file, then “save as …” on your computer.

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  1. Kenji

    Karen! This is so amazing! So happy for you! I may order a print shortly.

    • karen paolillo

      Thank you Kenji that would be wonderful if you order one of the prints hoping it is not one that someone else wants and asks for it first. I have to send them to first come first serve. Love Karen and all the hippos


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