New Pan 6th June 2023

Finishing up the new pan.

Published : 6 Jun, 2023

49 wonderful hippo supporters kindly donated toward this new pan for the wild animals. First we hired a bulldozer from our neighbours and dug out the area for the pan. Then it has had reinforcement mats put down and then concrete and cement to build on to them. It is right next to our house so that all the animals that come to our backyard as well as the other animals in the vicinity, including the hippos, have a safe place to drink. In the case of some of them to probably even roll in or lie in. If poachers come into the area we will hear them, as it is so close to the house and hopefully this will safeguard many of the animals and birds in our area. We thank those that cared enough to send a donation. Once the aviary for Tuli pigeon is finished I shall put up another video on that.

Love to you all Karen and all the Turgwe Hippos



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  1. Susan Monteiro

    How wonderful to see! I am so pleased.


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