Karen Paolillo and the hippos Sept 2017


Published : 17 Sep, 2017

Karen Paolillo and volunteer Philippa Drayton from New Zealand with some of the Turgwe Hippos on land August and September 2017.

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Karen Hosted at CBS-Evening News

Karen Hosted at CBS-Evening News

Hi everyone the wonderful Chip Reid of CBS news just sent me the link to what he made for the hippos. I simply love...


  1. Susan Monteiro

    Great video. Nice to see them so relaxed and happy. Good to see how much Georgie has grown too!Thanks Karen.

  2. Lona Goudswaard

    Another great video, Karen. Loved all these huge animals peacefully dozing on the sandbank, one of them using the back on front of it as a cushion to rest its head. (Sorry I can’t remember the names of the individual hippos in that group, so I have to refer to the sentient-being-unfriendly “it”) But the best was little Richard (or soon to be called Richard) puddling next to his mum.
    The hypos are doing very well, kudos to all of you who make that happen.

    • karen paolillo

      You are very kind Lona and thanks for your comments they don’t mind if you forget their names 🙂 love and hippo hugs Karen and the hippos


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