Win A Stay With Us during 2018

Published : 30 Sep, 2017

Your Endless Generosity Needs to Be Rewarded Again


Donate now and win a stay for two at Turgwe Hippo Trust during 2018.

For a donation of US$135, or 101 GBP or 115 Euros, two people will be able to spend ten (10) nights at the Trust (this does not include air tickets).

You will be able to choose the date from either May, July, August or September 2018. (please note that June is excluded !)

You know the draw process : a video of the draw for the winner’s will be sent to all that entered (and posted on Vimeo), so they can see who will be the lucky one.

By donating now you stand the chance of being that person.

The winner will be notified at the end of October 2017.

Thanks so much for always helping me and I am sorry I am so rushed this year but hopefully soon the rains will come, hot as hell at this moment.

To participate to the draw, simply click the button below that will redirect you to the donation page, and enter a donation of the amount specified and it will be considered as your entry for the draw.


Love, Karen and the hippos.

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