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Published : 11 Mar, 2014



The Turgwe Hippo Trust is having another raffle, this time for you to enter and have the chance of naming a new baby hippo.  The calf is the son or daughter of Relief and I believe Kuchek the young male is a first time father.

hippo calf with mother Relief

Hippo calf to name

The calf was born either the last few days of January or the first days of February. The calf’s tracks were found by the game scouts on Feb 11th and I last saw Relief on January 21st without a baby.  So I will record the birth as 1st February.


Hippo calf to name

Calf at the back, with mother Relief. Maxie in front.

I have not managed to get very close to the baby as Relief like many mothers is keeping her distance from humans and other hippos but she has rejoined the family now and Kuchek seems very interested in the new baby. I am sure he is the father as I have never had a bull mate his own daughter and Relief is the daughter of Robin.

Calf with mother or sister ?

Calf with mother Relief


Kuchek was born in March 2001 and this is his first offspring.


The hippo family at bath

Relief and baby

It is a plucky little calf and has managed to go through several floods of the river by accompanying Relief to smaller rivers that normally only have water in when the Turgwe is in flood.


Along the river, hippo calf following mother

Baby resting on mother in the river

To enter the raffle select one the raffle ticket below, either $80, GBP 50 or 60 € and then email me with your name and the name proposed for the baby.


This calf needs a name !

This calf needs a name !

The raffle will be drawn on Monday 31st March and I will notify the winner by email and on Facebook and twitter.


The person who wins the raffle will not only name the baby but will be given a year’s adoption of the calf.  Starting from April 1st and this is not an April’s fool’s day joke.  So you get to name a wild hippo as well as have a year’s adoption of him or her.


Raffle has a winner : Anita Merritt from Canada

hippo baby name will be Darrow if a male and Roda if a female


Love Karen and all the hippos

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  1. Sahag and Mary Egoian

    Congratulations to all of you

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Sahag and Mary good to hear from you. It is always wonderful when a new calf is born. Your hippo Tsakus is well as his her son Herbert. Still getting rain so they are not staying all the time in their usual pool. The Turgwe River continues to come up and get quite fast flowing but once it is calmer the hippos return. Love Karen and the hippos

  2. karen paolillo

    Hi Cathy it is a very good name for a hippo if it is a male but I am afraid I can only give the name to the winner of the raffle. If you want to enter the raffle that would be lovely and your name choice would be Hank. Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Cathy

    I really think the hippo should be named hank. It’s kind of cute. Don’t you think?? Haha


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