New : Perpetual Auction on FaceBook to help the Turgwe Trust

Published : 17 Sep, 2019

Dear All a wonderful couple David and Jayne Shephard of the UK have just set up this auction page on facebook to help with feeding the hippos and other animals this year and with other needs for the Turgwe Hippo Trust in the future.
Please go on to the page and either bid for the items that are there already, or go to Turgwe Hippo Trust Charity Auction Page and donate something that another person may just want to bid for.

This is a perpetual auction so you can just send in a photo of what you would like to donate to the site. With a short description,saying whether or not you pay the postage to send to the person who wins the bid. Or if they do. When you put up the photo of the item the auction of it is normally from that day for 5 days. All proceeds from the auction will come back to the hippos. We are sure you have something you no longer need but it just might be of interest to somebody else. It will help save these hippos.

Contact Dave Shephard his details are on the page if you have any questions. This is what he says below re the auction

This is the first ever charity auction page, in aid off saving the lives off the Turgwe River Hippos in Zimbabwe. Our aim is to raise funds for the Turgwe Hippo Trust and all funds raised will help save the lives off the Hippos from starvation during the drought season, or help protect them from poachers and other man induced problems, as well as natural disasters.

The idea and rules of the charity auction page are as follows.

Any member can put any unwanted item they have at home up on the page, so other members can make bids on it. After a 5 day auction, the person with the highest bid wins the item. They then pay direct into the Turgwe hippo trust auction page bank account or using PayPal the amount they Bid ( account details privately sent to winning bidders by admin after that auction finishes).

Once payment has been received the winning bidder must contact the person donating item by private message and exchange their address for the item to be posted to. It is up to the person who is donating if they want to cover post and packaging but this must be stated on post with item being donated. If they want bidder to pay post and packaging this also must be stated.

All bids that win 100% of this goes directly to the Turgwe Hippo Trust and there will be no refunds. Any person failing to support what we are trying to raise funds for, by wasting people’s time or being rude to any member of the group will be banned from the group.

Any questions please direct message to Dave Shephard.


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