Bonbon hippo eating the food at night

Published : 3 Sep, 2019

So impressed with BonBon hippo.

I started putting food out for them for this localized drought on Saturday. They are just under one mile from where I put the food but it is in the same place as I laid it out in 2016.

Bonbon, night shot


Bonbon star og the night


night dinner

3 years later darling BonBon arrived at the hay last night Monday, took her three nights to find it how is that for brilliant. I think tonight all of Kuchek’s family will be there, can’t wait to check the trail camera. I will be feeding now until the rains have established around mid to late December.

In the meantime Squiggle mongoose decided she wanted to be on the web again so here she is with Tortie cat



Love to you all Karen and the hippos xx

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