Painted Wild dog puppies at Den July 2015

Painted Wilddog on the run.

Published : 17 Jul, 2015

Karen filmed intimate scenes of a Painted Wild Dog mother with her seven puppies.

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Karen Hosted at CBS-Evening News

Karen Hosted at CBS-Evening News

Hi everyone the wonderful Chip Reid of CBS news just sent me the link to what he made for the hippos. I simply love...


  1. karen paolillo

    Thank you everyone for your comments it means a lot to me. My videos take about a morning to make then I have to send them to my web guy which takes for a three mins video about an hour to send from the bush. He then when he has time as he works puts it up for me on this video page. So we hope everyone enjoys and we are now visiting another pack of wilddogs with their puppies. I put regular photos and a bit of text on my facebook page Turgwe Hippo Trust. Love Karen and the hippos xx

  2. Nancy Watkins

    That is absolutely incredible footage of the dogs and the pups!! Amazing. Thanks Karen.

  3. Hilary Johnson

    Remarkable video. Let’s hope all these pups survive and help to increase the numbers.

  4. nina Black Reid

    Amazing !!!!!! I LOVE them. I think it is fantastic that you were so patient and never gave up believing they would come !!!! Amazing.

  5. Heather Atwell

    Brilliant Karen – thank you!! Such a special privilege to live so close to all those beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing them with those of us who would love to be there with you.

  6. Steve

    Great video. It is great you can get that close to the mum.

  7. Vivian Birdwell

    Such cutie-patooties!!! And so MANY of them! What a treat!

  8. Yvonne Wey

    Thank you so much for this beautifull video a great pleasure to see this Wild dog with her pups so close up

  9. Lona Goudswaard

    Marvelous video with really unique footage of a Painted Wild dog with her pups. I know the numbers of Wild dogs in the wild are dwindling rapidly, but I’m not sure if this is also the case for this particular sub-species. But a video of this quality of a mother with seven pups is both exceptional and wonderfully endearing at the same time. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Keep up the great work you do, Karen.

    • Lona Goudswaard

      Just read your e-mail again and only now noticed you mention that the Painted Wild Dog is indeed endangered. It’s so sad to learn that all Wild Dogs are under threat of disappearing soon. I hope you can keep this family and others safe from poachers and their horrible snares as you have been doing for years now. Kudos to you and your team, Karen, for keeping all wildlife at Turgwe as safe as possible.

  10. Johanna Forstén

    Such a beautiful moment. Great video! We were happy to have been there in person a week later, and saw them too, but not as clearly as in this video. Thank you for sharing! Painted Wild dogs are one of our favorites…
    Love Johanna, Tony, Elvis & Viktoria


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