A HIPPO LOVE STORY : Readers’ Comments

Published : 18 May, 2014

Dear readers,

I hope that you enjoyed my ‘Hippo Love Story’.

Feel free to add your comments on the book and share with all of us about your feelings.





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  1. karen paolillo

    Pat I remember you from 2008 and I am thrilled that you have taken the time to write about my book here on the blog. Yes sadly it is always from the human side that wildlife and animal care suffers but there again humans also help tremendously. This I have found over and over again with the hippos supporters. So we have to balance out the good from the bad.
    Love Karen and the hippos xx

  2. Pat McGinnis

    I was fortunate to be able to visit with Karen and her hippos in 2008 and was enthralled with her mission to save the animals. This book is spot-on with the trials and dangers of living in the wild – perhaps the biggest threat being from the human element rather than from the animals. What bravery and perserverance Karen and her husband have shown ministering to the animals surrounding their home!”

    Pat McGinnis


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