Warthogs at Karen’s Haven

Published : 21 Jul, 2020

This photo shows eight of the 12 warthogs that find safety alongside seventy two  baboons, thirty three vervet monkeys, 4 rescue cats, one mongoose, two bush pigs (called Bonny and Clyde) and any other animal who walks into the Trust’s headquarters.

The families of warthogs are Winny, her elder son Wombat, then Pinky and Perky her daughter and son, this years babies Bill, Ben, Becky and Betty, another female Sally and her first two babies Ketchup and Kinky and the big male Walter who appears to be father of them all.

Karen also releases any animal or bird that come in injured and can be released to their natural lives back in the bush.  The rescue cat in this photo is Teddy.


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