Steve and his New Friends

Published : 21 Jul, 2020

Steve is seen here meeting warthogs for the very first time.

There are at present 12 warthogs taking refuge at the Turgwe Hippo Trust. They come along every day for food which is encouraged, for there are a specific group of poachers in the area who target warthogs. To keep them safe initially Karen fed just three, but they have bred and now 12 come along every day.

They have burrows in the nearby vicinity in the bush which allows the rangers and Karen to keep a close eye on them and keep them safe. If they were not fed they would go further inland and there would be a much higher possibility that poachers would kill them.

They still feed in the bush but the horse cubes are so good it encourages them to come along every day. As Steve hippo sometimes comes along early evening even though hippos are nocturnal feeders it allowed him to meet for the first time in his life the warthogs.

Steve will be three years of age in September.

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