Hippos in the Drought Jan 2016

Hippos in the Drought Jan 2016

This video shows the efforts that the Turgwe Hippo Trust are making to keep the hippos fed during the current ongoing drought.

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  1. I pray the hippos will get well. Thanks for all the effort to save them.

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Thank you Karen for all the incredible work you do. You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Teresa D'Amico

    Makes me want to jump on a plane and be there! Amazing footage. I echo the sentiments that donations to the cause are the best thing anyone who cares can do now.

  4. Lona Goudswaard

    The hippos do look terribly thin, Karen; I hope your hay is coming soon because they really need it.
    I urge everyone who comes to this site to donate to your cause so these magnificent animals may see another season in your good care.

    • Thank you Lona and yes for hippos they are far too thin. We have had a touch of rain but need a huge amount more for me to be able to stop feeding. It has though helped the browse and a bit of grass is popping up now. If everyone just makes a tiny contribution it all adds up to hay and food in the bellies of the hippos and other wildlife that come along to the feeding stations. Love Karen and the hippos x

  5. What would these hippos do without you Karen, I have lost count of how many times I have said what an amazing job you do! Here’s hoping for a great result on your appeal.

    • thank you Cheryl and so far 59 people have responded to the THT appeal for help to feed the hippos. I will have to put out more appeals as this is an ongoing problem but without help these hippos have no future. I may be on the ground but its people like you and others like you who save their lives with your donation. A huge hippo hug and thank you Love Karen and the hippos xxx

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