Name the baby hippo Jan 2015

Name the baby hippo Jan 2015

Our first footage of Tacha’s new baby. You have the chance to name the new baby hippo. A Bushbuck visits the garden. Also a water monitor enjoys using the water trough built for the hippos.

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  1. Cindy Dodds

    I always love your videos, Karen! The baby hippo is so adorable.
    Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Cindy many thanks. I have just had malaria so could not do much for four days but now a lot better, so back to doing what I do here. So happy you like my videos. Love Karen and the hippos x

  2. Esther

    A wonderful video of the new mum with her little one 🙂 Also the beautiful gentle bushbuck and the remarkable water monitor. THANK YOU Karen 🙂 A special treat as I sit looking out on the snow – with a temperature of -16’C this morning and -25’C forecast for early next week….. My very best to you and all the wonderful animals who share your life

    • Thank you Esther and aren’t we humans funny things. I hear you talk about snow and the cold and I think how lovely. As here for the last few days it has been really really hot and humid waiting for rain. Tonight thank goodness its raining not yet much but better than none at all. I also saw 9 painted wild dogs on my evening snare patrol just five mins from our house wonderful. Enjoy your snow while I enjoy the fact that it is raining tonight Love Karen and all the hippos and other animals xx

  3. thank you Nancy and glad you enjoyed my little video Love Karen and the hippos

  4. Well done to Helen Capps for winning the name the baby hippo who will be George if a male and Georgina if a female sorry to those who lost better luck with the next new baby. Love Karen and all the hippos

  5. Nancy Watkins

    Wow, great pics of the new baby hippo – very special. They look great!! Keep up the great work, Karen.

  6. Helen Capps

    What a lovely video showing us all the new baby! Thank you for taking the time to do it and upload it xxx

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