Name the new baby with your preferred birthname

Name the new baby with your preferred birthname

New baby hippo born around MAY 15 to MAY 18 th, mother is TACHA and father could be Tembia.

It could quite possibly be a male as it is a large calf but we will have to be patient and wait to find out. You now have the chance to name this baby.

I would suggest if you enter this draw that you give a female and a male name and if you win we will have both names,  once sex is known we can use your chosen name.

Every dollar donated to name the baby helps these Turgwe Hippos have a future as we will be feeding them later this year, so the Trust  needs as  help to purchase their food.

Tacha so far since her birth in 2000 has had four calves, one female BonBon, two males Tandee and George and now this latest calf.

Love to you Karen and the hippos


For only GPB50 or 55 Euros or US$65, you have a chance to win and be the person to name this new baby hippo.

So click on the button you prefer and add birthnames (male + female).

Donate with GBP

Birthnames you choose

Donate with EURO

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Donate with USD

Birthnames you choose

Once last thing !

To be safe, once you are back from PayPal, please send us an email (through Contact Us) to confirm your birthnames (male and female) you chose.

All donations are received by Friends of Turgwe Hippo (Canada) a registered Canadian Non Profit Corporation whose purpose is to provide support to and promote the interest of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe. Funds you donate are used exclusively to benefit the Trust in Zimbabwe.
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