Kim and the Hyenas

Published : 6 Apr, 2021

Kim Wolhuter is a wildlife filmmaker who has been the first wildlife filmmaker to work with wild hyena and other predators in such an amazing way. He is a maverick of note and Karen had the pleasure of watching him with the hyena at the den. He wants to show people that hyena are not the maligned animal portrayed in Disney movies.

I hope this small video clip shows you just how amazing they can be.


Filmed by Karen Paolillo.

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  1. Joy Riddle

    My Dear Kim and Family, MISS you soooo much on my TV Peoples Weather, I looked forward to every episode that
    was screened. You are amazing with the wonderful Hyenas, an amazing experience. Bless you and your family for caring
    for the animals.
    Joy Riddle, Plot 47 Ash Road Swacina Park Zandfontein Pretoria

  2. Lona Goudswaard

    What a wonderful sight, these different generations of hyenas with such a strong family bond, but also loving to have their heads scratched by a human being. I’m sure Kim is very aware that they are wild animals, and somewhat unpredictable the same way we are unpredictable to them, but he seems quite relaxed while establishing a rapport with them before starting to photograph them. A beautiful sight.

  3. Steve Gordon

    Amazing! People need to understand animals are not good or bad, they just live their lives as their nature requires. Each fill an important niche in the ecosystem.


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