Volunteer, Author, Working for the Presidential Herd of Elephants Hwange Sharon Pincott July 1999

Published : 24 Jul, 1999

Sharon Pincott 10.7.99 to 24.7.99 1st volunteer:



photo at Hwange Sept 2012
(lr-cw) Doug Dale, Karen Paolillo, Jean-Roger Paolillo, Suzie Marsh and Sharon Pincott

What a memorable two weeks!  A truly wonderful time.  Thank you to you and Jean for sharing your little piece of paradise with me.  I’m going to hold onto my dream of one day living here, you continue to fight for yours. These hippos need you.  Don’t ever loose your dream “if you loose your dream you die”.

I’ll miss Boon and co terribly, and Arthur, and Bob, Rain and co too,  and Elsa … Thank you Gemini for letting me meet you.  Go well to you all .  Lots of love Sharon.

After Sharon’s visit she took the leap of faith and moved herself from Australia to Hwange in the west of Zimbabwe.  There she established  an intiative which she runs on a full time voluntary basis since 2001.  To monitor, protect and promote Zimbabwe’s flagship herd of wild elephants.

Her books and the documentary about her life show the dedication that she has to these amazing elephants.

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